North Texas Super Bowl Seating Fiasco Goes On Trial

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DALLAS – NFL commissioner Roger Goodell attempted Monday to put a positive spin on Super Bowl XLV even as he and other league officials worked to.

Roger Goodell testifies in Super Bowl seating trialARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — The Dallas Cowboys want a do-over on hosting the Super Bowl after horrid weather and a seating fiasco ruined their first try seven years ago. While the wait will easily be more than a decade and with no indication the big game is coming back soon, last weekend’s draft at least showed the NFL that what is becoming its spring Super Bowl went off without a hitch in North.

NFL’s Ex-Super Bowl Planner Defends 2011 Seating Snafu. By Jess Krochtengel. Law360, Dallas (March 3, 2015, 9:32 PM EST) — The National Football League’s former events planner told Texas.