Can I Use Shutterstock Images For T Shirts


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you may use images for your free promotional items. Promo items include give- aways like calendars, holiday cards you send to clients, t-shirts and buttons you.

For example, a merchandise item could be a collection of images on a coffee mug sold at a gift shop, or an image incorporated into a t-shirt design given out as part of a product promotion.

Can I use editorial images on merchandise?

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Some Shutterstock customers who have purchased this type of license have used the image on: Calendars; T-shirts; Coffee Mugs; Hats; Posters that include some.

Images that are placed on products that are sold on demand, such as shirts and publications are also considered as commercial use. The Right License

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An explanation of where vector images that could be used on a t-shirt can be.

vector images include VectorStock, 123rf, Pixmac, Shutterstock, Vector Portal,